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        Hindustan Motors Mfg. Co. is one of the leading Electric Motors Manufacturers in India having ISO 9001 Certification. We have experience of over more than 28 years in Design, Development and Manufacturing of Electric Motors. Hindustan Electric Motor Manufacturing Co. caters the need of Machine Tools, Blowers and Fans, Air-Conditioners, Compressors, Material Handling Equipment, Cranes and Hoist, Textile Machinery, Cement Plant, Pharmaceutical Machinery, Packaging Machinery, Construction Equipment, General Engineering Applications and wide range of Applications.


        • Complete range of IE2 & IE3 motors on IS:12615-2011.
        • Series of inverter duty motors with force cooling arrangement, insulated bearing.
        • Provision for Encoder Mounting
        • All motors suitable for 50°C ambient temp.
        • 100% Dual coat super enameled class “H” copper wire.
        • Top of the line bearing system from SKF.
        • 100% CRNGO imported silicon stamping.
        • Motors with all aluminium construction up to frame 132M for light weight applications
        • Fastest Delivery of Customized Motors


        To Know More About 爱博体育

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